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I'm not always online this summer. I am busy doing my lazy stuffss, yes with ss. My daily drama is in here so unfollow me if you want to. I don't give a damn.

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Somewhere in neverland on We Heart It.


Somewhere in neverland on We Heart It.

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I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, everyday that I wake up, everyday that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me.


i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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Songs are as sad as the listener.

Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.

I’m like that. Either I forget right away or I never forget.

natsukashii 懐かしい (なつかしい)


natsukashii 懐かしい (なつかしい)

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Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference.